Commercial Cleaning in Oxfordshire

Commercial Cleaning in Oxfordshire

“Extremely reliable and thorough, and any unusual cleaning we require is attended to without trouble.”

– Business Director, Arts Theatre

Professional Commercial Cleaning Services in Oxfordshire

Our commercial and office cleaning services throughout Oxfordshire are fully tailored to you and your business. Whatever your requirements may be, we aim to provide a service that exceeds your expectations. We are environmentally conscious and offer competitive pricing, meaning that there is an option for everyone. Our thorough commercial cleaning solutions are unmatched. We offer a range of services that can be adapted to your business, no matter the size of your premises. We understand that an impeccable working environment increases worker comfort and productivity, and at Cleanology we will do everything within our power to make sure your work environment is spotless.

The recent pandemic has raised awareness of the importance of working in clean and well sanitised environments. Our team of contract cleaners in Oxford is fully trained in COVID-19 hygiene protocols and are sure to carry out all of their tasks in accordance with these procedures. Having a clean working environment can dramatically improve productivity and limit the spread of viruses. We want your employees to feel at ease about coming into the workplace. With Cleanology, everything is taken care of.

Innovative Commercial Cleaning in Oxfordshire

If you are looking for an innovative cleaning company in Oxfordshire, speak to us today. Cleanology has over 20 years’ market experience providing cleaning services across a number of industries. As well as a reputation for unrivalled service, over the past 20 years, we have introduced countless game-changing innovations such as microfibre cloths or our award-winning biotechnological cleaning and robotics.

We stay abreast of changing technology, always considering any advancements that will increase efficiency and drive down costs. We incorporate smart cleaning software into our company processes and, in order to improve client interaction, we provide 24-hour real-time access to information and services via our client portal, putting our clients in control of their cleaning requirements.

We are able to tailor our solutions to suit your schedules and specific needs, offering commercial cleaning services in Oxfordshire which are both innovative and environmentally conscious. If our services sound like a good fit for your company, get in touch for more information!

Environmentally Friendly Commercial Cleaning Services

Cleanology provides commercial and office cleaning in Oxfordshire to companies from a range of industries. Our mission is to provide a seamless service of the highest standards, proactively seeking out possible areas for improvement and making proposals at our regular update meetings to ensure that our clients’ needs are met. We are truly passionate about delivering excellent service and we work to exceed your expectations. Our professional cleaning services can be tailored to your business’s specific cleaning requirements and schedules.

Our commercial cleaning services in Oxfordshire can be tailored to your business’s specific cleaning requirements and schedules.

As a winner of the prestigious Green Apple Award for Environmental Innovation, Cleanology puts the environment at the very heart of our business. We are market-leading innovators in chemical-free cleaning and operate a fleet of electric vehicles for use when public transport isn’t a viable option.

We are also vigilant and proactive as regards recycling, operating a zero-to-landfill policy, sending all non-recyclable waste to generate electricity.

If you’re looking for a conscientious cleaning company in Oxfordshire, get in touch today.

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