Commercial Cleaning In Bedford

Commercial Cleaning Services In Bedford

“Since working with Cleanology cleaning standards throughout the building have been consistently improved. These standards are maintained by regular monthly meetings and any issues are immediately addressed in a courteous and professional manner.”

– Front of House Manager, Riverside Studios

Commercial Cleaning in Bedford

With over 20 years’ industry experience, Cleanology are proud to offer commercial and office cleaning services in Bedford that adapt to our clients’ requirements, providing bespoke cleaning solutions which are environmentally friendly, respectful of employees, innovative and customer-focused.

Our current client base includes businesses of all types and sizes: from large shopping centres to niche boutiques and showrooms.

We understand that your commercial premises are the face of your business, and we strive to provide you with the impeccable business image that your company demands and deserves. 

Cleanology is a highly innovative and environmentally conscious company, working to the strictest environmental standards, upholding our clients’ values and maintaining their image. For further information on our office or commercial cleaning services in Bedford, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly staff will be delighted to answer your questions and can arrange a free quote for your business.

Environmentally Conscious Commercial Cleaning

At Cleanology we know that being environmentally conscious is a priority to our clients and is an important reflection of every company’s image. This is why we implement a variety of sustainable practices as standard, as well as applying an approach that seeks out continual technological and environmental innovations that improve efficiency and sustainability.

Amongst our standard practices we include a “zero-to landfill” recycling policy. We are proud of this policy and we take great care to ensure that all waste that can be recycled is dealt with diligently, with any remaining non-recyclable waste being segregated and processed to produce electricity.

Our commercial cleaning services also apply a number of measures aimed at reducing our industry’s impact on air quality, these include: the banning of all aerosol use, the implementation of HEPA filters to reduce particle emissions and the regular use of public transport wherever possible, backed up by a fully electric and hybrid fleet of vehicles for when the use of public transport isn’t a viable option.

Our commercial cleaning team are at the forefront of upholding our sustainable practices and we are proud to count on the ongoing collaboration of a team of such highly committed professionals.

If you are interested in hiring professional commercial cleaning services in Bedford who are committed to sustainability and innovation, get in touch with Cleanology today.

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