Cleanology staff and customers have bagged up a whopping tonne of hygiene products to go to families around the UK. And there is more to come!

The donations campaign aims to make the Christmas period less stressful for people struggling with poverty across the UK. The products collected will be distributed by Hygiene Bank.

Cleanology’s CEO, Dominic Ponniah, said: “A fifth of the population is living in poverty, and Christmas places even more pressure on those families struggling to make ends meet. Figures show one in three people living in the UK has had to go without hygiene essentials – up and down the country, people are faced with having to make a choice between buying presents for the children or stocking up on toiletries or cleaning products. We hope that, with our help, they won’t have to make those choices.”

So far, Cleanology has raised over a tonne of products, ranging from hand sanitiser and cleaning spray to toilet roll and tissues. Cleanology’s own donation of hand sanitiser amounts to £13,000.

Ponniah added: “We have been overwhelmed by the response. Christmas is meant to be a time of peace but, for those juggling tiny budgets, it is stressful trying to make ends meet while meeting extra demands. Research shows that people stop buying toiletries long before they approach a food bank. We want to fill that gap.”

Hygiene Bank

All of the products donated will be distributed by Hygiene Bank, which was launched to tackle the shocking reality of hygiene poverty. Hygiene Bank operates 789 drop-off points and supports 1,398 organisations around the UK.