In the winter months, we can often feel like we want to hunker down, keep warm and cosy and drink hot chocolate. It can be hard to get out of bed in the morning, especially when it’s still dark outside.

But life goes on, and we still need to get up and get things done regardless of how we might be feeling. Maybe too we’ve allowed our homes to become more messy than usual, the post-Christmas clutter might be taking over, and our homes are feeling less than clean, all of which can make us feel overwhelmed.

It’s not just the mess that can be a problem, the colder months bring with them germs and bugs that can fester around the home. 

But it is possible to kickstart your cleaning programme and have some fun along the way. We’ve put together a helpful checklist to get you started.

Create a cleaning checklist

For those of you who like making lists, this is the perfect task, and if that’s not your bag, then why not make it as fun and inspiring as possible?

This is a chance to use some of that lovely stationery you have, get your favourite pen and a nice notebook and take some time for yourself.

Sit in a nice comfy chair, have a cup of coffee or tea and light a scented candle. Now visualise how you want your home to look like and what the benefits are of having an ordered and clean living space.

If you want to liven things up a bit why not create your cleaning playlist on your streaming service and use it as an excuse to dance around the home? Choose your favourite anthems to blast out as you work your way through the list, or if you want to continue with a more peaceful vibe find an atmospheric playlist. 

Here are some of the activities we recommend to add to your checklist that act as a starting point and will help you to personalise your own home. 

Decluttering. You may not have watched the BBC programme “Sort Your Life Out” but in it, the presenters, led by Stacy Solomon, move all of a family’s possessions and put them in a big warehouse to sort through. It’s eye-opening and you learn how easy it can be to accumulate stuff in our homes. We recommend decluttering by category. So for example in the kitchen, get all of your mugs out of the cupboards and decide how many you need. If you sort by category you will know exactly what you have and it will be easier to decide as to what you need or don’t need. Be bold! 

Dusting and cleaning. As you go along, you can clean out the cupboards you are sorting, wiping and dusting surfaces and cleaning doors and shelves. 

Deep cleaning carpets and rugs. Turn the music up and pull out the furniture! It’s time to vacuum under the sofa and the bed and even consider hiring a carpet cleaner to freshen up your home. 

Washing windows and curtains. Fill up your sink with warm soapy water and wash your windows, or you might want to use a specialist window cleaner. But whatever you choose, find a clean rag to wipe down the sill and window after to stop any smears. While you are in this frame of mind you can vacuum the dust off of your curtains to remove any dust mites that might be lurking.

For a thorough clean, we’ve a bit more of a detailed checklist which will help you to break down all of your cleaning needs into room-specific tasks:

Kitchen: Focus on cleaning appliances, washing down cabinets inside and out, and good food storage organisation – checking that dry goods are not out of date. 

Living Room: Address fireplace maintenance such as whether your chimney needs sweeping, address upholstery care and try to remember when was the last time you cleaned and vacuumed your sofas and armchairs, and also don’t forget to clean any electronic devices with sanitiser spray.

Bedroom: Strip all of the bedding including your mattress and pillow protectors and put them in the wash. Then you can vacuum your mattress and turn it over. You might also want to clean the inside of a chest of drawers and your wardrobe. So much dust and dirt can accumulate inside. Bathroom: The benefits of a deep clean in your bathroom can help prevent mould. This is a good time to thoroughly clean your tile grout and your shower screen and bath. Windows too will need a good wash down and the floor mopped.

Seasonal challenges

In the winter season, you might need to address wet and muddy footprints in your hallway as well as grit (if it’s been snowing). It makes sense to have a specific area where winter footwear is stored and for all of the family to know to take their shoes off on the doormat. Some homes provide slippers for their guests to avoid people treading dirt through the home. 

Be especially aware of any mould-prone areas. Particularly if you are hanging clothes to dry indoors, it can lead to more moisture in the air that encourages mould to grow. Now is a good time to take a look and tackle any mould that you can see.

Post clean safety

When using cleaning products that contain chemicals it’s important to make sure your home is well ventilated. It’s advisable to open your windows for a while, during and after cleaning so that the chemicals don’t linger in the air.

Collaborative cleaning tasks

As well as turning the music up, it’s nice not to do this job solo. Why not involve all of your household? Turn it into an opportunity to have a competition – who can clean the fastest? If you have young children they might want to decide what toys they are now too old for that they can give away.

Finally, whilst this is a home-based advice piece our expertise lies in commercial cleaning. We’d love to hear from you. Please do get in touch and we can help review your specific cleaning needs.