Choosing A Specialist Commercial Cleaning Company

At Cleanology, we understand the importance of workplace hygiene. Whether you are working in an office full of people or come into daily contact with customers, it’s important that you focus on keeping things as hygienic as possible. We’ve put together this article to help you understand the difference between commercial cleaning and domestic cleaning and why businesses should always choose the former where possible.

What Is Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning is any person or company that is hired to clean a business, whether that is an office space, a shop or a hotel. It’s essentially when a company chooses to hire professional cleaners to clean their premises to a high standard. At Cleanology, our commercial cleaning services are not limited, as we have experience cleaning in educational buildings, law firms and recording studios too. Hiring a cleaner or a cleaning company is something that is growing daily, with a report from the British Cleaning Council (BCC) in 2021 stating here that cleaners make up 5% of the UK’s entire workforce,

What Do Commercial Cleaning Services Include?

This can include many responsibilities depending on the industry, such as the following:

  • Specialist carpet cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Tiled and hard floor cleaning maintenance
  • Computer and telephone cleaning (all IT equipment)
  • Day cleaning or night cleaning, depending on what suits your business
  • Graffiti removal
  • Jet washing (car parks and bin rooms)

All of the above we are proud to offer at Cleanology. To read more about what our specialist commercial cleaning services include, click here.

What Is Domestic Cleaning?

Domestic cleaning is cleaning around a home or domestic property. Although it can still be physically labouring, it often does not require a deep clean every time. It involves more surface-level chores and day to day tasks to help around the house such as ironing, vacuuming and mopping. There are many reasons you may wish to hire a domestic cleaner; perhaps cleaning is a physical struggle or you’re too busy to keep on top of the daily tasks.

Domestic Vs Commercial Cleaning

You may think that commercial cleaning is exactly the same as domestic cleaning. What could be the difference between cleaning a home and an office? You may think bacteria is the same everywhere you go. However, there are some major differences between the two is that you may not even realise. For most cleaning projects, there is a difference in size. Commercial cleaning jobs are likely to be a lot bigger than domestic ones as there is a difference between cleaning your home and cleaning a hotel with 12 floors. 

Why Is Commercial Cleaning Important?

Keeping buildings as clean as possible is important to adhere to all health and safety regulations and keep your staff and visitors as safe as possible. It also gives a good first impression to any new customers, visitors or potential client and is a strong indication of the type of business that you are. Commercial cleaning helps the building maintain a good appearance and prevents any potential damage from occurring from neglect. There is also the risk of health issues manifesting in an unclean environment. For example, high quantities of dust could trigger an asthma attack. Other built-up bacteria can cause even minor colds and flu to spread quickly through your workforce. Nobody wants to get poorly, and it’s not just you that is at risk with an unclean environment, it’s your business and your customers. If staff members are off sick, it can put a dent in profits. 

Why Should Businesses Choose A Commercial Cleaning Contract?

Choosing a specialist commercial cleaning company like Cleanology means everything is taken care of promptly and efficiently. It can relieve pressure from you and your staff as a whole, meaning that you can focus on getting the job done, knowing that our cleaning company will deal with the rest. There are many benefits to choosing a commercial cleaning company, such as a clean working environment leading to more motivation and productivity between staff. The cleanliness of your building will also reflect your business and an unclean space could deter potential clients and hinder the growth of your company.

Choose Cleanology

Hiring a commercial cleaning company means that your business can take pride in its appearance and make a good impression on your clients. When you choose Cleanology, your building is left spotless and to a high standard every single time. We provide specialist cleaning services, and adhere to all health and safety regulations, with our ISO 9001 accreditation. If you are looking for a professional commercial cleaning contract based in London, Manchester and Leeds, get in touch today. Booking with Cleanology is easy, so give our reliable team a call on 020 7582 8111.