Most commercial businesses across the UK have been improving their cleaning methods to help stop the spread of Covid-19; amid Omicron, deemed a superspreader.

Shared office spaces are notorious for grooming viruses and bacteria and are often considered the dirtiest areas.

The points below are by no means exhaustive.  Feel free to add anything that your washrooms may require, specifically your needs when setting up a cleaning schedule.

Pre-Clean Process

After gathering all your cleaning tools, you can begin by removing dust and debris inside and around the washroom.

Clean the floor by removing visible dirt and debris with a multi-functional cleaner/disinfectant. Since toilets are one of the most painful points of dirty toilets, be sure to flush the toilet. Hence, it will also help you determine if it is blocked or not.

Regular and efficient cleaning

Ensure your commercial cleaning contractor focuses on critical areas such as cubicles and sinks within your washrooms. Viruses are capable of surviving on surfaces for at least 72 hours.

Tackling these high-risk surfaces require more frequent cleaning to avoid contamination by avoiding the buildup of dirt over a long period and killing harmful viruses and bacterias.

Promote proper hand hygiene

We are all aware of how to wash our hands more often and for a minimum of 20 seconds following national advertising campaigns across all advertising channels from TV to social media. Good handwashing is the first line of defence against the spread of illnesses, including Covid-19.

Consequently, your washbasins must be in a clean condition at all times, with liquid soap always available alongside hand sanitiser stations throughout the office.

Use of disposable hand towers

Paper towels or hand dryers must be in place to keep surfaces clean and dry. It is highly recommended to replace hand towels with disposable alternatives to reduce the spread of germs between employees.

Hands-free disposable units should be in place to reduce as many touchpoints as possible.

Encourage good hygiene practices

It is essential to place signs and posters in washrooms to raise awareness about good hygiene. Increasing and washing your hands properly, avoiding touching your face, sneezing into a tissue, and removing it is good practice.

Empty Bins

You must also ensure that you empty all bins in the bathrooms of your office. They must be emptied daily to obtain the most hygienic environment.

Clean and disinfect touchpoints

Wipe off all high-touch areas in your washrooms, including sinks, doorknobs, toilets, urinals and dispensers. Use a wide range of cleaning products to clean and disinfect the areas to keep germs away.

Clean environment key to customer confidence

There is no better feeling when you go into a clean and fresh environment like the washroom. Cleanology takes pride in making you feel that your washrooms are clean and tidy with fresh air. We have provided adequate office cleaning and washroom cleaning for the past 22 years. All we want is for you and your guests to feel more comfortable in your bathroom and spend time in a hygienic environment.

Why hire professional cleaners to clean the washroom?

It is critical to follow a proven washroom cleaning checklist to leave a great impression on your employees and clients alike.

Ensuring that your office meets only the highest hygiene standards is essential to success. To keep offices open and in the interest of your staff’s safety and well-being, here is a checklist to ensure your commercial cleaners are appropriately cleaning your office washrooms.

Washroom cleaning checklist

  • Restock toilet paper if required
  • Wipe countertops
  • Remove limescale buildup
  • Wash any wall partitions
  • Clean sinks, mirrors and countertops
  • Regularly empty bins
  • Make sure drains are clean and unblock if necessary
  • Disinfect urinals and toilets – all touchpoints
  • Sweep and mop the floors
  • Weekly/monthly deep clean

Key Takeaway

Knowing the best tips to help keep your commercial washrooms clean is vital. If you are looking to get a new cleaning contract, contact a commercial cleaning company like Cleanology to provide you with a no-obligation quote. Our friendly team are here to help.

We can customise the cleaning as per your requirements to suit your demand. More regular cleaning is required the higher the footfall! Call our experienced team at Cleanology now on 020 7582 8111.