Running a successful business following COVID-19-related shutdowns, with proper office cleaning methods,  shows customers and employees that you’re looking out for their health and safety by combatting germs. 

Employees and customers are raising their expectations for the conditions of the businesses where they work and consume products and services. To help keep your business open and safe, your best bet is to arrange professional office or commercial cleaning services. Cleaning professionals using the right products and protocols at an optimum frequency can help you fight against germs, including the virus that causes COVID-19.


commercial-cleaningCustomers expect frequent cleaning and disinfecting

Commercial cleaning service is now a necessary investment to make sure your business can remain open following the COVID-19-related shutdowns and continue to operate by providing a clean, healthy and safe environment for employees and customers. 

Cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising must be done correctly, thoroughly and frequently to help reduce the spread of germs, including coronaviruses.

3 keys to limiting the spread of germs

Aside from frequency, the other way to limit the spread of viruses and bacteria is to make sure that your office or commercial cleaning service includes these three things:

The right cleaning system

Commercial cleaners should use the right tools to remove and kill germs. For example, a professional cleaning company will use:

  • Hospital-grade disinfectants to help kill 99.97% of viruses and bacteria
  • Colour-coded microfiber cloths to reduce cross-contamination in the workplace and picks up 99% of soils
  • No-dip flat mops that clean hard-to-reach places, never use dirty water and prevent cross-contamination
  • A HEPA backpack vacuum system that reduces particulates, removes 99% of airborne pathogens and reduces vacuuming time.

Proper cleaning procedures

Trustworthy commercial cleaning companies should not only bring the right tools but will provide you with a free cleaning quote with a recommended cleaning contract tailored to your cleaning needs and workplace configuration.

This may include:

  • Cleaning at the frequency needed: daily, every other day, etc.
  • Size of space to be cleaned and considerations, such as the number of restrooms, individual workspaces, breakout areas, an open vs more confined space, etc.
  • General cleaning
  • High touch point cleaning
  • Cleaning enhancements in common areas
  • Deep cleaning services
  • Preventative maintenance

The right cleaning team

Cleanology’s staff are paid the real living wage, keeping them happy while delivering an exceptional quality service.

  • They are professional cleaning experts.
  • Cleanology has been operating for more than 22 years and has been supporting businesses and palaces, amongst others
  • They are independent business owners, which means their success is driven by passion, determination, and hard work.
  • They are bonded and insured with commercial general liability and surety bonds to help protect your business.
  • Each business owner passes a comprehensive background screening.

commercial-cleaningLimit the spread of illnesses in the workplace

Your workplace is clean and tidy, but you can’t help but notice that something is missing. It’s no secret some areas of your workspace may require extra cleaning, love and care. Floors, fabric and furniture can look worn, and streaky windows can leave your space feeling dark and dull.

Your workspace may require enhancements to your recurring cleaning services or an ongoing preventative maintenance plan, i.e. deep clean.

Carpets may need steaming. Hardwood floors can use some special care. Windows should sparkle. That’s where special cleaning services come in. 

Like regularly servicing a car can prolong its life, scheduling special cleaning services can extend the life of your workspace. In addition, special services can boost the overall aesthetic of your workplace or office by making it a cleaner, fresher and healthier place to take care of business.

To make your workplace genuinely shine and provide a perfect working environment for your staff to thrive, we recommend scheduling the following special services twice a year depending on foot flow. 

Regular floor cleaning

Whether carpet or hardwood floors, heavy foot traffic, spills and other messes will make them look dirty and worn. A deep clean, innovative commercial floor cleaning approach and customisable solutions can add anywhere between two and ten years to the life of your floors. Beyond removing stains, our experienced teams are trained to scrub, recoat, strip and finish those hardwood floors or thorough carpet cleaning that keeps your carpets cleaner and fresher for longer. 


Improve Your View

Clean windows improve curb appeal. Indoor and outdoor commercial window cleaning should be done twice a year to remove weather residue and excess soil and streaks. Cleanology uses a unique approach for added sparkle and reduced residue.

Fresh Fabric and Furniture

Cleanology wipes down furniture daily as part of a regular cleaning service, but stains and spots can build up. Dust, dirt smudges, and food and coffee stains can take a toll on furniture, becoming an eyesore for clients and a potential health concern for employees. From crystal encapsulation to hot-water extraction, Cleanology’s non-intrusive upholstery cleaning services help keep fabric and furniture around for years to come – saving money in the long run. 

Best practices for maintaining a clean and safe business

These are best practices you can implement in partnership with your commercial cleaning provider right now:

Follow the Government’s Guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting 

The Govt. provides guidance for cleaning and disinfecting public spaces. The first step in developing your cleaning plan is to evaluate the high-touch-point objects and surfaces in the business environment. Your commercial cleaning service provider can also assist you in identifying any potential germ hotspots.

Next, the Govt. recommends your business be cleaned using disinfectant products from its approved list, for the recommended kill times. Some products have proven effective against hard-to-kill viruses, such as the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 and influenza and cold viruses. A professional office cleaner knows the most effective techniques for using these products. In addition, vacuum cleaners are recommended to use HEPA filters which remove 99.97% of allergens from the air.

Increase your workplace cleaning frequency

Research is ongoing into how long viruses remain on surfaces. Findings range from a few hours to days. So how often should you be cleaning office surfaces?

To stay as safe and healthy as possible, have your workplace cleaned professionally as often as your budget and schedule allow. Once a day is ideal. Between professional cleanings, you can wipe down high-touch surfaces following guidelines. 

Pay attention to germs hotspots

Speaking of high-touch surfaces, these are the germ hot spots that everyone must be aware of:

  • Door handles
  • Shared keyboards
  • Elevator buttons
  • Conference tables
  • Coffee makers and water coolers

Frequent disinfection of surfaces and objects touched by multiple people is important. Take an inventory of all the common areas and most frequently touched places in your workplace. A commercial cleaning professional knows these areas well and can help develop a cleaning plan tailored to your business needs.

Go deeper than your everyday clean

While high-touch surfaces and common areas are critical, remember to address the needs of your whole workspace. For example, the govt. has specific guidelines for cleaning soft surfaces, such as upholstery, rugs and drapes.

A professional commercial cleaning service should be able to meet your everyday cleaning needs like mopping, wiping and trash removal, along with special requests. Don’t neglect your carpet, hard flooring, grout, or windows. Special cleaning services help to remove germs and can even make your assets last longer.

Guests and employees can only do so much

Many companies offer hand sanitiser at their front doors and ask staff to participate by wiping high-touch surfaces. While these actions can help in small ways, their effectiveness is limited. It’s important to know that if employees are handling hazardous chemicals, they are not fully trained in the safe use of cleaning chemicals in the workplace. Offering this type of training is not practical for all workplaces.

The most effective means of cleaning and disinfecting is by a professional. A commercial cleaning service, using the right products and techniques at the right frequency, delivers the most consistent and comprehensive results for a cleaner and safer business place.

Partner with a Professional Cleaning Company

Extra attention can go a long way for your workplace’s floors, fabric and furniture. Cleanology provides these special commercial cleaning services for offices, fitness facilities, hospitality, education facilities, industrial workplaces, retailers and more.