When you think of improving employee satisfaction and productivity you might consider bonus incentives, staff days out and tailored targets to be met, but there are many different factors that influence worker satisfaction and productivity.

Although it may not immediately spring to mind, the benefits of having a clean work environment shouldn’t be underestimated. Ensuring that your staff have a clean and safe workplace will have more of a positive impact than you think. There is a whole range of employee productivity and satisfaction benefits that come with providing your staff with a clean working environment. We will look at the benefits of having a clean office below.

Reduces work-related stress

An unclean work environment can cause significant stress for employees, as they may be unable to switch off from the clutter and dirt that surrounds them. Employees should feel comfortable in their workplace and have their sole focus on completing their daily tasks, without having to stress about the cleanliness of their surroundings. Stressors like overly cramped offices, clutter and dirt are all terribly unappealing to customers and staff members alike. Ensure that desks are cleared on a daily basis. Apart from keeping the office environment uncluttered, this makes it easier for documentation to be found.

Helps your team feel valued

When you take the care and consideration to provide your staff with a welcoming and clean workspace, they are likely to feel much more valued and, therefore, satisfied. Something as simple as this can show that you care about your staff, which in turn makes them more likely to thrive in their job role, improving employee productivity and business growth.

Reduce the number of sick days

Offices harbour different types of bacteria that can promote the spread of bugs and viruses. Cleaning your office regularly will minimise the spread of germs from person to person, meaning that your staff are less likely to become unwell by catching something in the workplace. Thorough cleaning has been proven to seriously reduce staff absences.

Boosting focus

Staff may feel inclined to tackle cleaning tasks throughout the course of the workday if they notice that their workspace is unclean, this undoubtedly has an effect on their ability to focus. When you invest in quality cleaning solutions, your workforce will find focusing on their workload much simpler, due to there being fewer distractions.

Image and morale

A clean and tidy business premises can help to create a good first impression. Working in clean, well-appointed, properly equipped surroundings boosts the confidence of your employees, transmitting a sense of pride and respect and assuring them that the business is a worthwhile one, which in turn, encourages greater productivity.

The solution

A very simple way to improve employee productivity and satisfaction is to hire a cleaning team. Here at Cleanology, we provide office cleaning in London and across the UK. Get in touch today to discuss your needs and find out just what a high-quality commercial cleaning company can do for you.