There are many reasons why you may wish to hire a professional cleaner to look after the communal facilities in your flat or apartment. Communal area cleaning is the specific cleaning of shared areas throughout apartments and flats. It can apply to all the various living spaces inside the building, such as any communal kitchens and stairways.  

Your tenants have the right to live in a clean and hygienic property with spotless stairwells, landings, and communal areas. Although it is up to the individual living in their apartment to keep it clean, the communal area is the property manager’s responsibility. That does not mean you have to do all the hard work. Let a professional property cleaner take the strain away from you.  

communal area cleaning

Don’t Deter Potential Tenants

Not only will having your communal areas deep cleaned keep your current tenants happy, but it will also impress their visitors and set a great example. It fits property managers to keep communal areas in perfect condition to keep business flowing.  

Imagine you are looking to rent a flat, and the minute you walk through the communal door, you are faced with strange odours or unsightly dirt on the floors. The lack of hygiene in the building would likely put you off wanting to rent there. You would choose somewhere with cleaner communal facilities. You would also want to meet a certain standard so that you do not receive any complaints that you have to deal with. Consider a professional clean for your building to avoid deterring potential tenants. 

Keep Visitors Happy

Communal areas are usually the spaces visitors get to see first, whether a shared lounge area, entrance hall or communal corridor. It is essential to ensure these areas are all clean and welcoming. Residents should feel proud to live in your building and be keen to invite over their guests.  

If the communal areas are kept to an extremely high standard, residents and guests will find themselves more inclined to take care of inside the apartments. 

How The Coronavirus Has Impacted Communal Areas 

The coronavirus pandemic has made us all a bit more wary about mixing with other people, and this is just another reason the shared communal areas need to be as spotless as possible. The people living on your property do not all live together, and if they mix in unclean communal areas, they could be at risk of spreading illnesses.  

Communal areas are at a higher risk of bacteria and germs as multiple people use them daily. You may think surfaces such as windows and doors only need to be cleaned if they look untidy but considering a professional flat clean can stop a breeding ground for bacteria that you cannot even see. 

Keep Your Apartment Building Spotless With Our Deep Cleaning Services 

At Cleanology, our friendly team are experts at leaving buildings in excellent condition. Whether that is a gym, office or other communal space, our trained staff quickly get on each case. With ISO 9001 accreditation and our excellent health and safety records, we seriously take cleaning to a high standard.  

With Cleanology, all our clients get a thorough service that will not disappoint. We will go the extra mile to ensure your communal areas are safe with our professional and reliable cleaning equipment and services. Booking our services is very easy, so get in touch with us today to find out how we can help. Call our experienced team at Cleanology now on 020 7582 8111.