Why Hiring Professional Gym Cleaning Services Is The Right Thing To Do

Anyone who owns or manages a busy gym will understand how quickly they get dirty from customer use. Gyms are high traffic areas, especially at peak times like early evening after most people finish work. When there are lots of people coming and going all handling the same pieces of equipment, the build-up of sweat, viruses and bacteria happens quickly. As well as the free weights and cardio equipment, customers use the water dispensers, changing rooms, showers and reception areas all day long. Handprints, hair, dust and dirt from shoes appear in every corner of the gym and the place looks quite grimy by the end of the day.

Gym Cleaning

Asking clients to wipe down the equipment as they use it helps a little, but nothing beats regular, professional gym cleaning services to keep everything thoroughly cleaned and sanitised. From polishing the mirrors and windows to vacuuming into all the corners, it’s the details that keep your business’s reputation first rate.

Don’t Drive Away Customers

Gyms are there to make clients sweat – if you exercise hard then perspiration is inevitable, but few people want to stay long in a sweaty environment. When a place feels unclean, new customers can be put off joining. And over time, sweat and dust daily sinking into flooring and gym mats will give off an unpleasant smell.

It’s not only aromas that discourage new customers – seeing smudges and greasy marks everywhere is off-putting, and unclean changing rooms will give the impression that the business just doesn’t maintain things properly.

With daily gym deep cleaning services, the place will always look and smell fresh creating a cared-for appearance. First impressions go a long way to encouraging new customers so it’s important to project a first-class image of your gym every day.

Give your staff the time to concentrate on helping the customers and selling memberships – the things they are best at. Leave the toilets, changing rooms and hallways to a commercial gym cleaning company who are experienced and will provide the best results.

Clean Gym Equipment Lasts Longer

Sweat gets everywhere when exercising – it’s on the seats, handles and controls of all the pieces of equipment and it can be corrosive. There’s nothing quite like sweat for ageing the appearance of cardio bikes and treadmills. Kept properly cleansed, they will last a lot longer and continue to look good too.

Although staff can cleanse machines during the day, it’s not always easy to do a really good job because customers are using the equipment constantly, and staff are called away for other things. Gym cleaning services can be completed out of hours – either late at night or before the business opens in the morning. When there are no customers around, each item can be deep cleaned methodically with nothing missed.

Reduce the Spread of Bacteria, Fungus and Viruses

Gym equipment items are all high-touch areas. It’s impossible to operate and adjust the cardio machines without touching the same parts as the last user, and weights all have to be handled by definition. Quality commercial cleaning supplies ensure that viruses, fungus and bacteria are killed and removed helping to keep down the spread of disease. The flooring in the changing rooms and showers should be cleansed meticulously as bare skin is regularly in contact with these areas. Mats too need special attention where people lay on them to stretch.

Limit the exposure of staff and customers to sickness by keeping all areas free of viruses. Using regular and professional gym cleaning services will help – especially in cold and flu season.

Keep Your Gym Pristine with Deep Cleaning Services

Cleanology has been providing commercial, office and gym deep cleaning services for more than 20 years. With ISO 9001 accreditation and excellent health and safety records, the company can be trusted to complete the work to a high standard every time.

The benefits of using commercial gym cleaning regularly are many and the service will pay for itself. With a regular deep clean, your gym will establish a top-rate reputation bringing in new customers, your equipment will need fewer repairs and last longer, and staff sickness kept to a minimum as well.

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