Commercial Cleaning in Bristol

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“Extremely reliable and thorough, and any unusual cleaning we require is attended to without trouble.”

– Business Director, Arts Theatre

Commercial Cleaning in Bristol

If you’re looking for commercial premises and office cleaning in Bristol provided by a company with a reputation for excellent service and contemporary ethical values, why not speak to Cleanology? We have 20 years’ experience in the cleaning business, we currently service customers nationwide from a variety of different industries with a diversity of cleaning needs.

Our commercial cleaning services in Bristol can be tailored to your business’s specific cleaning requirements and schedules. 

As a winner of the prestigious Green Apple Award for Environmental Innovation, Cleanology put the environment at the very heart of our business. We are market-leading innovators in chemical-free cleaning and operate a fleet of electric vehicles for use when public transport isn’t a viable option.

We are also vigilant and proactive as regards recycling, operating a zero-to-landfill policy, sending all non-recyclable waste to generate electricity.

If you’re looking for conscientious, professional cleaners in Bristol, get in touch today.

Responsive Contract Cleaning in Bristol

Cleanology provides commercial and office cleaning in Bristol to companies from a range of industries. Our mission is to provide a seamless service of the highest standards, proactively seeking out possible areas for improvement and making proposals at our regular update meetings to ensure that our clients’ needs are met. We understand that, due to the nature of their work, our staff may discover issues that haven’t been brought to a manager’s attention and we encourage our staff to report these findings and address them wherever possible. We are truly passionate about delivering excellent service and we work to exceed your expectations.

All our staff receive ongoing training, as well as intensive training at the start of every commercial cleaning contract. This means they are always up to date on the latest procedures and will always adhere to health and safety regulations as well as any extraordinary procedures such as COVID-19 safety measures. All of our commercial cleaning projects are subject to strict quality control measures.

To speak to us about commercial and office cleaning in Bristol, please get in touch today for a free quote, or simply call us with your enquiry. Our friendly staff will be happy to discuss our range of commercial cleaning services.

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Cleanology will gladly assess your cleaning needs and work with you to provide a quote for your business. If you are looking for a commercial cleaning company in Bristol please call us on 0117 202 0105 or contact us for a free quote