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We are SafeContractor approved and ISO 9001 accredited for our quality systems and health & safety standards.


Our staff are highly trained in all aspects to attend to any cleaning needs with the highest standard in mind.


We take environmental responsibilities seriously & have awards for innovation and leadership in sustainability.


We deliver excellent services with a good value for money that leaves our clients completely satisfied with our work.

Premium Media and Studio Cleaning Services

Here at Cleanology, we are proud to offer professional TV, recording studio and film set cleaning services for the media sector. We adopt a completely tailored approach to each individual project and will guarantee results that won’t let you down. We take a flexible approach to studio cleaning services. Regardless of whether it is film, TV or music, we are able to provide quality studio cleaning solutions.

The Media Sector’s Choice for Studio Cleaning Services

We serve a wide range of clients in the media sector, offering everything from recording studio cleaning to film and tv location cleaning:
“Since working with Cleanology, cleaning standards throughout the building have been consistently improved. These standards are maintained by regular monthly meetings and any issues are immediately addressed in a courteous and professional manner.”

Front of House Manager, Riverside Studios

Film and TV Location Cleaning Services

During the pandemic, the UK TV industry produced guidance for managing the risk of COVID-19 in programme production.
With stringent hygiene standards in place, Cleanology can be relied on to provide professional TV and film set cleaning services in line with government and the British film association guidelines:

When carrying out our studio cleaning services, we take extra measures to regularly clean and disinfect all working, waiting and communal areas such as offices, dressing rooms, eating areas, toilets/washrooms and queueing areas throughout the day.

· Our studio cleaning services are undertaken in line with UK Government guidance and supervised by staff with appropriate COVID-19 awareness training.

· We always ensure that we work to meet or even exceed the expectations of every one of our clients, so you can be comforted with the peace of mind that you are in completely capable hands.

We identify high contact surfaces, such as door handles, that may need disinfecting frequently.

We set out a clear waste management process in accordance with UK Government guidance, taking into account safe handling and disposal (or recycling where applicable) of:

– Used face coverings and medical PPE

– Catering waste

– Recyclable items

– All non-recyclable, non-hazardous ( ‘black bag’) waste

When disposing of face coverings and PPE, people should do so in a black bag waste bin or litter bin. Face coverings or PPE should not be put in a recycling bin or dropped as litter.

Productions should provide extra bins for staff to dispose of single-use face coverings and PPE, and should ensure that staff do not use a recycling bin.

Whenever a department finishes its tasks on set, any shared areas or equipment is cleaned before the next department starts work.

Flexible Film Set Cleaning Services

Having provided studio cleaning services for a number of years, we have built an enviable portfolio of media sector clients. We offer a range of services including film and tv location cleaning as well as recording studios and production/editing facilities.

We understand the demanding nature of the media industry. Flexibility and adaptability are key, where schedules may change at short notice.

Our film location cleaning services include high profile venues that require extra special treatment. We have a proven track record of working with such clients to meet their varying requirements. From recording studio cleaning to film locations, we are the ideal choice.

Whether you are a sound and recording studio, photographic studio, television set or other media organisation, we have trained and experienced operatives able to meet all your requirements.

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