Keeping your workplace clean is essential for your staff, customers and visitors. It’s a crucial part of running a successful and happy business. So how do you ensure that everything is spic and span? There are usually three options – you can ask existing staff to run the vacuum around, you could employ a cleaner for a few hours a week or you can outsource your cleaning entirely by booking a regular, professional service. When comparing the drawbacks and benefits of outsourcing cleaning services versus having an in-house team, consider the following:

The Benefits of Asking your Staff to Clean the Workplace:

  • It’s a cheap option, no extra expense for the company
  • You have no additional HR issues
  • You already know these people and trust them

But there are a number of drawbacks to this idea. Firstly, keeping standards high could be challenging, not everyone wants to clean or will do a good job. This could cause bad feelings between your team members. Don’t forget you will have to buy and upkeep the cleaning equipment and someone has to take care of ordering and storing the cleaning products. Some products are hazardous and need training before handling.

The Benefits of Adding a Cleaner to your Payroll:

  • There is a dedicated person for this task
  • You can tailor your cleaning needs by writing the job description
  • You will form a relationship with your cleaner
  • You can choose who you have coming into your workplace

But the drawbacks include the extra salary expense plus employer’s contributions for NI etc. Then there’s the hiring of additional staff and all the associated HR issues that come with this such as disciplinary action should troubles arise. Sickness and holiday cover needs planning as well. Then you will have to buy the equipment needed for the job and all the cleaning products. How will you ensure essential training is carried out such as COSHH and manual handling? New practises, such as those brought in with the Covid pandemic, need to be considered and introduced in-house. And of course, there’s the matter of trust – cleaners often work when nobody else is around so they require keys to your business. That’s a long list of drawbacks to consider.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Cleaning Services:

  • You can have someone in to clean quickly
  • Hiring the best individual is left to people with cleaning industry experience
  • You don’t have to buy any equipment
  • Cleaning products are someone else’s problem
  • Sickness is covered
  • Holidays are not for you to worry about
  • There are no HR issues at all
  • Health and Safety considerations are fulfilled
  • Changes to requirements can be arranged quickly
  • Training is taken care of by the outsource cleaning company
  • You get complete flexibility of services
  • Changes to legal requirements are part of the service
  • Staff are always up to date with the latest cleaning industry practises

The drawbacks are few – the extra cost of a contact service is the main obstacle for most businesses. While it might seem a more expensive option, when you think about all the hidden expenses of employing a permanent cleaner, it’s money well spent.

Should I outsource cleaning at my business?

When you compare the pros and cons, it seems sensible to book a professional cleaning company. Especially after the recent pandemic – cleaning and sanitising was under close scrutiny and it’s likely to remain that way. Many businesses found they needed extra services such as deep cleaning, and their current staff just couldn’t cope with the demand. If you outsource cleaning, you can use the knowledge and experience of a professional company should things change. You can add services and reduce them according to suit fluctuations in altering situations.

If you employ in-house cleaning staff, they can be loyal and stay with you for many years. Where this may seem like the perfect scenario, it could mean that they become out of touch with the latest methods, products and equipment. Cleanology is an experienced company that keeps in step with all the latest in the industry. We are aware of the newest and best products to use and understand needs such as low-allergy solutions and green practises. Our team is also aware of developing problems locally and how to eradicate them.

It makes sense to consider outsourcing your cleaning to a reliable contract cleaning service, like Cleanology, so you have one less thing to worry about. Interested in finding out more? Get in touch with us today!