The coronavirus outbreak has undoubtedly brought with it a newfound consciousness when it comes to observing the cleanliness of our surroundings, particularly in the place we spend most of our time – the office. 

Did you know that a typical keyboard can harbour ‌7,500 bacteria? Or that researchers have found that messy workspaces cause workers to delay making decisions? At Cleanology, we’re dedicated to providing professional office cleaning, tailored to your business and its unique requirements. Here, we offer our top daily office cleaning tips and tricks, sure to keep your establishment a clean and healthy environment at all times. 

Daily Office Cleaning Checklist 

The easiest way to keep track of your office cleaning is by creating a daily office cleaning checklist. These lists outline the essential tasks that need to be completed every 24 hours in order to keep an office clean and safe for workers and visitors. Daily office cleaning checklists should be split into sections, each catering to a different part of your office building. For example, a cleaning checklist for an office reception would differ from that of the office toilets. 

Using a daily office cleaning checklist will help you maintain a happy, healthy working environment for your employees, reducing the spread of germs and increasing the productivity of your office staff. Different ‌office spaces will require a different list of daily priorities, however, all buildings can expect to include duties such as daily vacuuming, disinfecting, bin emptying and dusting. 

Daily Office Cleaning Procedures 

As mentioned, daily office checklists should each cater to a different section of your office space. These may include office desks, office break rooms, office receptions, office bathrooms and outside the office. 

Before you make a start on an area, gather all the cleaning chemicals, equipment and accessories suited to that specific environment. This will ensure that you can focus solely on one section at a time, without having to sprint back and forth to the cleaning cupboard! 

When you’re ready to start your daily office cleaning procedures, firstly take a minute to visually check the area for any types of debris or paper and place them in the bin. Then it’s time to vacuum the area! 

Top Tip: Want to make light work of vacuuming your office? Invest in a cordless vacuum! A vacuum is a cleaner’s best friend, so why not invest in one that’s going to make your job 10x easier? Simply charge your vacuum before a shift and get blitzing! Cordless vacuums are exactly what they say on the tin – cordless! So you can wave goodbye to dragging long knotted cords along the floor and stopping every five minutes to change plug sockets. 

Another daily office cleaning procedure that is extremely important for improving both the health and overall morale of workers in your office is toilet and shower cleaning. 

Office cleaning procedures for bathrooms include disinfecting and mopping floors, cleaning walls, cleaning toilet bowls and sinks, restocking toilet rolls, polishing mirrors and wiping door handles. 

Top Tip: When completing daily office cleaning, focus first on the most important, ‘high-traffic’ areas. These include hallways, meeting rooms, break rooms and bathrooms. Once these areas are spotless, you can then use the rest of your shift to tidy the rest of the office, knowing that the sections that fester the highest number of germs are sparkling clean! 

At Cleanology we’re dedicated to providing superior professional office cleaning services, allowing you to focus on your job and let us worry about the cleanliness of your building. If you’d like to find out more about the office cleaning services we offer, get in touch with a member of our friendly team today!

office-keyboard-cleaningHow to Clean Your Keyboard 

We often neglect the equipment we use daily. No matter how much you think you’re tapping on your office keyboard, we can guarantee that you won’t be spending as much time with it as that family of germs that have been wedged between your keys for months, or those cookie crumbs hiding under the ‘E’ and ‘V’ from last week’s office bake sale. The first step to cleaning your keyboard is to shake it over a bin to get rid of any surface-level dirt hiding behind the keys. Secondly, wipe over your keys with an antibacterial wipe, making sure to not push too hard. And then, finally, dry the keys with a paper towel and get back to typing! 

Top Tip: Feeling frustrated after spending hours trying to get to those tiny bits of dust and dirt wedges between your keys? Grab a piece of tape from your desk drawer and run it between the gaps to easily remove all of those hard-to-reach specs of dust and grime in one smooth swipe!

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