It’s common knowledge that a clean place is good for business. But how are you going to keep track during the busiest period of the year?

With the summer holiday shopping season just around the corner, retail owners want to make a good impression and ensure their stores can withstand traffic. Hiring a professional retail cleaning service will help your store stay out of the naughty list by keeping your space clean and pleasant for clients – an excellent shopping experience.

retail-cleaning-servicesWe have prepared a guide to the essential cleanup services to focus on during the holiday season to help you prepare for the rush. Check this list to ensure that your retail store cleaning service exceeds your bottom line and branding.

Carpet Deep Clean

Carpet cleaning is a must all year round, but it’s even more critical that customers decide where to shop this holiday season. Dirty carpets can significantly impact your brand image, resulting in low sales and negative feedback that could discourage holiday shoppers from becoming repeat customers.

Even with a regular vacuum cleaner, carpets often need to be thoroughly cleaned regularly over busy periods to keep up with the increase in foot traffic. Thorough carpet cleaning before and after peak season doesn’t just improve the overall look of your store. Still, it keeps your sales space free of any allergen or unpleasant odour that could distract customers. 

Regular maintenance and deep cleaning can also keep your carpets from showing signs of wear and prolong the life of your carpet by removing dirt and particles that have been tracked inside.

Polish your Floors

Research has shown that more and more customers are looking at a company’s floors’ cleanliness. This is why it is essential to keep your floors polished and well maintained. To ensure your floors are attractive to holiday buyers, consider stripping and polishing them regularly.

The retail environment on the high street uses various types of floors, each with its unique requirements. Reorganise these to the following order: Hardwood, Tile, Concrete, Vinyl and Laminate.retail-cleaning-services

  • Hardwood: Hardwood floors are highly susceptible to damage in a crowded environment, especially during holidays. Avoid excessive water or cleaning fluid on wood floors during regular maintenance, as this can cause permanent damage. Daily sweeping is one of the best means of cleaning the floor. Your cleaning operatives will use a lightweight cleaner specially designed for hardwood floors to clean up stains and spills.
  • Tile: Tile is an excellent choice for high traffic areas in the retail stores due to its ease of maintenance, durability, and low cost. Many tile floors are made of vinyl composition tile (VCT) that requires non-abrasive cleansers. Other types of tile can tolerate more harsh chemicals. Your commercial cleaning service must come prepared with cleaning equipment that can accommodate these imbalances, especially on tile floors with prominent grout.
  • Concrete: Concrete is quickly becoming the most popular flooring used in retail shops due to its low maintenance needs and easy-care routine. Polished concrete can handle heavy foot traffic while also aesthetically pleasing to customers. Sealing concrete with polish will help keep it from absorbing stains from spilled liquids or ingrained dirt. It will also make it easier to clean down the line. During regular care, it’s essential to use stiff brushes that can efficiently get the grit out of concrete floors. The right commercial cleaning service will provide the proper equipment to care for your concrete floors.
  • Vinyl and Laminate: Vinyl and laminate flooring is durable, water-resistant, and easy to maintain. It’s essential to limit the amount of water and liquid cleaner on your vinyl and laminate floors. Excess water can get under your vinyl floor and loosen the adhesive, causing the floor to peel. It would help if you cleaned the spills from these types of floors immediately. Regular sweeping and light mopping from a commercial cleaning service is best to keep vinyl and laminate floors in condition.

retail-cleaning-servicesWashrooms Grout Cleaning

During peak seasons, stores are usually swarmed with shoppers. All of this activity means your restrooms will be used more frequently and require daily maintenance to stay clean. Despite day-to-day care, restrooms still need a good deep clean to keep customer satisfaction high. Why is it so important to deep clean your washroom during peak seasons?

Research shows that over 50% of customers say they would not return to an establishment if the state of the washroom is poor. In essence, a dirty and smelly restroom is costing you money! Floors tend to be the filthiest part of a washroom; the more people walk in, the more likely it is that dirt and bacteria are trailing across your restroom floors and into your main retail space. 

By getting a commercial clean, you’re making sure the grout in your restroom is free of any residue and adequately sanitised for the health and comfort of your customers. 

Increase the Frequency of your Cleaning Services

Because of the high traffic during the holiday period, you may need to increase the frequency of your shop cleaning services. This is particularly the case for floor maintenance in your retail space. Heavy traffic areas will need to be thoroughly cleaned regularly by a commercial cleaning company.

Besides deep cleaning, appearance management and stain removal will also be required daily. It is essential to vacuum frequently or wipe dry to maintain your carpet regularly, and the frequency should be increased over peak season. Once or twice daily is generally recommended.

Cleanology offer customised cleaning services tailored to fit your business’s needs. The size of your space, frequency of service, and specific floor cleaning needs are all factored into your customised quote and cleaning schedule. Our retail cleaning services are always available whenever needed, even during high season!