Public health and safety have never been more critical than today, even if some consider the cleaning industry unsexy. Let’s not forget that cleaning operatives were classed as key workers at the height of the Pandemic, playing an essential role in the frontline, keeping us all safe. 

Covid-19 has also helped the cleaning industry in more ways than expected, with cleaning operatives getting more respect than ever before. The importance of cleaning and disinfecting has never been more understood as well. 


Increase in cleaning frequency and deep clean

The demand in our industry has changed dramatically over the last couple of years, more so in the previous six months with a return to some form of normality.

Frequent requests for extra cleaning or disinfecting, such as fogging to keep the working environment clean and more preventative work, have changed the cleaning service industry’s landscape. 

At Cleanology, we have noticed an increase in the frequency of cleaning to an increase in the scope of work covering more touchpoints in offices and leisure centres amongst others. More frequent deep-cleans and disinfection services have become the new norm, with greater transparency on the products used being an essential component of managing client expectations.

To keep up with the challenge, we have to keep innovating to stay one step ahead of the next hurdle popping up in front of us. 

Technology in the cleaning industry

Technology has changed the landscape of virtually every business over the years. Research in the cleaning industry is consistently growing; everything is recorded, thus raising trust in the commercial cleaning companies.

New technologies are also being deployed to instil confidence, such as logging on to a dashboard and leaving a note detailing any specific areas that may need extra work and verifying the status remotely. It’s an incredibly efficient way of ensuring the customer’s needs and wants are always met; also at a short notice.


Increase in use of machinery

Robots are here to stay. Gone are the days of just water, a broom, and a mop. Depending on the size of the job, the use of machinery and automation has become more prevalent.

Nowadays, we have high-tech cleaning solutions and machines that are safer to use and more environmentally friendly than traditional supplies, paving the way for a more green and friendly approach.

One type of office cleaning that has become the symbol of post-lockdown is electrostatic spraying. As such, companies and experts alike anticipate that heightened cleaning standards will be in place for the long term.

Companies are required to demonstrate these enhancements to their clients and employees alike. Hence, going after reputable brands for commercial cleaning is what facilities managers would be aiming for to meet these objectives.

Increase in cleaning operatives’ remuneration

UK annual pay data shows the biggest rise in wages since 2008. “Pay increased for most workers in 2021, but particularly those that were most affected by the pandemic in 2020, most notably younger employees, men and the lowest-paid occupations,” the ONS said. Pay for ‘elementary occupations’ such as cleaning and labouring jobs rose by 7.7%.

Cleanology’s long term commitment to fair pay in the cleaning industry resulted in a win at the Living Wage Champion Awards in 2021.

Since 2017, the business has nearly doubled the number of employees receiving the actual living wage. As well as promoting fair pay among clients through awareness-raising events and annual reviews, it includes a Real Living Wage option in every new bid and makes it clear that this is the preferred way of working. Forty per cent of proposals include actual living wage as a requirement.

Our managers actively promote the Real Living Wage, and 100% of the cleaning contract won in Jan 2022 was paying the Real Living Wage or above.

Key cleaning statistics during Covid-19

Here are some key statistics emanating from this Pandemic following a survey by Harrison Wipes (359 UK Respondents):

• 82% of respondents are more aware of how they clean since the Pandemic began

• 91% of people are more aware of cleaning measures put in place in public space

• 80% of the public would feel encouraged to revisit a public space if they could see evidence of it being cleaned

• 60% of workers have taken on extra cleaning responsibilities since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Most of these changes brought by this Pandemic are here to stay long-term.

Final Thoughts

There’s no question that we all have to be ahead of the game to be ready, and the best way to do that is to update past practices.

We always knew that cleaning operatives were underestimated heroes, and finally, the rest of the world sees the importance of the work they do. We want to ensure that you and your teams remain safe and keep our communities safe.

It may be challenging to believe that things have been changing in a positive direction amid all the uncertainty around the world. Nonetheless, the expected levels of cleaning have been raised and long it may continue! 

The best thing to do is to adapt to the changes now and put in place long-term plans to turn these good practices into your “new normal”.

Like the old adage of “sharing is caring”, our new slogan can be” ‘cleaning is caring’. 

At Cleanology, we can customise cleaning according to your requirements to suit your demand for all your office or commercial cleaning needs. Call our experienced team at Cleanology now on 020 3820 6328.