Having an eco-friendly office is important in a world that is increasingly aware of just how damaging we humans can be while innocently living our lives. But we must also ensure that offices are clean and sanitary. It is perfectly possible to have an environmentally sensitive office that is fully compliant with health and safety regulations. We are proud to provide our clients with professional office cleaning that is extremely thorough and will leave your workplace looking as good as new, whilst ensuring that the environment is not negatively impacted. Here are some points to bear in mind:

Make an Announcement!

It might be obvious to you that something must be done to help the planet maintain a life-supporting temperature and levels of breathable atmosphere, but not everyone has the same exposure to news, science or environmental science. Ensure that everyone is on the same page by announcing your intentions to ‘go green’ in the office. Not only will this educate those who are unaware of such issues, but it will also signal to employees who already have an interest in environmental concerns that you are ready, willing, and able to listen to and implement changes that could help. You never know, there might be an easy and obvious change that the office could make that you have not thought of as yet!

Waste Not Want Not

Installing recycling bins and encouraging employees to get into the habit of separating out paper, cardboard, cans and glass is a simple and easy way to take a big step towards sustainability. Being able to recycle the above materials can represent a 95% reduction in production costs and materials, which, when taken in the context of millions of pieces of paper, thousands of glass jars, hundreds of heavy cardboard boxes and so on is a very large saving indeed. Even niche items like printer cartridges and Tetrapak cartons can be recycled if they are kept separate from general rubbish – a double saving in that the materials used to make them can be re-used and by recycling them, they are kept out of landfills and rubbish dumps.

Dispose of the Disposables

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A coffee run two or three times a day might be the highlight of a long working day, but using a new disposable cup each time can add up to a big burden on the planet. Instead, encourage your workforce to use reusable cups and mugs, either travel mugs or ceramic household ones. You could reward them with a treat for each week that everyone manages to get through without a disposable cup, perhaps? Quite apart from this, if coffee runs involve popping to one of the local chain coffee shops, often they offer a discount for using personal cups – or, looked at another way, charge a small sum for the disposable cup. With all that incentive to use their own cups, your staff will soon be sipping happily on eco-friendly beverages!

Boost the Air Quality

Good air is vital for good health and sanitary conditions. Make sure that air circulates freely in the offices, and ensure that dust and dirt is removed before a fan or air conditioner can whirl it through all the offices! Hiring a cleaning team is essential in order to make sure that every possible surface and feature is properly cleaned and dusted. These include skirting boards, the tops of door jambs and even air vents and fan blades – places that only professional cleaners think to include in their daily round!

Steam It!

Switching to steam cleaning is an excellent way to avoid using harsh and harmful chemicals while enjoying eco-friendly office cleaning. Steam is just water, but heated to a temperature lethal to germs and viruses, and easily able to soften and remove even ground-in dirt and grime. The steam is gentle on most surfaces, neither staining nor damaging it, but leaves your bathroom and kitchen floor gleaming and hygienic – and hypoallergenic which is ideal for those with asthma or respiratory conditions.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Switch out harsh cleaning chemicals that can strip varnish and stain wood for eco-friendly products instead. They are just as effective, as long as they are used appropriately, with contact times and methods of use strictly adhered to. For the best of both worlds, taking on a cleaning company like Cleanology, whose staff will be trained in the correct use of the eco-friendly products, is the ideal solution, providing you with peace of mind as to the environmental impact of the cleaning and the provision of a safe and healthy workplace for your staff.

If you would like tailored eco-friendly office cleaning, why not get in touch with Cleanology today and let us show you how easy it can be for you to have an eco-friendly office?