Our Workplace Hygiene Tips

Office hygiene is something we are more aware of now than we ever have been. The importance of hygiene in the workplace cannot be stressed enough as it benefits both your health and that of your staff too. Although we’ve become increasingly more cautious because of COVID-19, being aware of the spread of office germs can save you from catching even just those pesky winter colds. We’ve put together our best workplace hygiene tips so that you and your employees have a better chance of staying in prime health all year round.

Your Desk Will Need More Care Than You Think.

It’s the place where you or your employees spend most of the day working in the office. Even if everybody sticks to their own desk, it’s a prime spot for germs forming simply because of the amount of time spent there. Just because you can’t see bacteria, doesn’t mean it’s not there, especially on your keyboard and mouse. A recent study that looked at workplace hygiene and key problem areas in the office showed that the average desk carries 400 times more germs than a toilet seat, so it’s important to maintain high standards of hygiene there even if it is just you using that keyboard. Following guideline office hygiene procedures, such as ensuring desks aren’t cluttered and are regularly sanitised, can lead to both health benefits and a morale boost.

Shared Office Equipment Shouldn’t Be Forgotten About.

Germs can thrive on shared office equipment such as a printer or fax machine. This may seem like an obvious example but it’s easily overlooked when the day becomes increasingly busier. Your employees have deadlines that they need to meet so their last thought might not be about keeping the printer sanitised, which is why little reminders can go a long way. Encouraging small hygiene procedures like keeping sanitising wipes in all shared areas and shared workstations can have a huge impact when it comes to maintaining office cleanliness.

Shared Kitchen Areas And Appliances.

Most of us make our lunch without thinking twice. No matter how hungry we are, it can go a long way to wipe down all surfaces before preparing and eating food. Whether this is the microwave door or the table you’ll be sitting on, all of them can carry germs that can make you unwell. Stressing the importance of hygiene in the workplace to your employees means that they can do little things to keep safe like sanitising the coffee machine before they pour their pot.

Continue To Encourage COVID-19 Procedures.

Procedures such as social distancing and wearing a mask in common areas can continue to protect your staff from office germs. The spread of bacteria can be intensified by close contact with those that are unwell, whether they are showing symptoms of an illness yet or not. This is why encouraging regular handwashing, social distancing and mask use where appropriate will help to avoid the spread of office germs.

The Impact Of An Unclean Workplace.

With Cleanology, all our clients get a thorough service that will not disappoint. We will go the extra mile to ensure your Not only does good office hygiene boost morale and encourage staff to work more productively, but it also benefits the business too. If fewer staff are taking time off sick then work will continue to be effective without a lapse in productivity. If a chunk of staff are taking time off because they’re unwell, there is the possibility of reduced customer satisfaction which can negatively impact the business. Other staff would have to catch up on the workload and you would have to pay sickness pay to absent employees. Although staff should not be encouraged to come into work if they are unwell, following some of the tips above can help avoid office illnesses altogether. Alternatively, considering a professional cleaning service will give your office maximum protection from germs.

Our Professional Office Cleaning Services.

Hiring a professional cleaning service can ensure your office is kept as hygienic as possible. It gives the office a deeper clean and means that other external areas can be cleaned thoroughly, such as any elevators or communal spaces. At Cleanology, we are highly skilled at ensuring office buildings are left spotless and to a high standard. We are experts at adhering to all health and safety regulations, with our ISO 9001 accreditation. We’re able to tailor our cleaning solutions to your individual requirements. Our clients have previously stated; “Although we are continually approached by other cleaning companies to tender for our contract, I can say quite honestly that there is no desire or need to consider other contractors.” To read more about our office cleaning services and what we can offer you and your business, click here now.
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