Essential Commercial and Office Cleaning Supplies

For any professional business that wants to maintain good workplace hygiene, help to keep their employees healthy; and establish a strong company image with clean and tidy offices, it’s important to invest in the proper office cleaning supplies. These will help to get the job done in the most effective way possible and in doing so, ensure high standards of cleanliness in your working environment.

But with a wide range of products and equipment available, where do you start and who can you turn to for advice?

We have prepared a comprehensive checklist, based on our extensive experience in commercial cleaning, that will help give you a solid foundation to build from and we hope, to demystify the process for you.  

Multi-Surface Disinfectant

It’s important to use a dependable multi-surface disinfectant to clean high-touch areas in your office, such as door handles, desks, light switches, computer keyboards, filing cabinets, and surfaces within break-out rooms. This is essential for removing bacteria and nasty germs which will help to prevent the spread of illness and therefore reduce staff absenteeism. 

Air Freshener

With more employees eating their lunch at their desks creating stale and sometimes strange office smells, it can be unpleasant to walk into such a working environment. 

Also, for any potential visitor to your workplace, a fresh-smelling office is especially key. It can be particularly off-putting to walk into an environment with foul-smelling odours. It would be such a shame if your business was impacted by something that is easily remedied. It’s important to do all you can to leave clients with a good impression, especially if you pull out all of the stops in other areas. 

There are several different ways you can improve the smell of your offices. Air fresheners and diffusers contain a few different and appealing fragrances. 

This will be beneficial too for your employees who will all want to work in a pleasant environment.   

Floor Cleaner

Office floors that get a lot of traffic can get dirty very quickly. So, it’s important to choose the right cleaner for the job to remove dirt and stains without damaging the flooring.

Floor sweepers are more efficient and effective than sweeping with a broom. If you are looking for something small there are battery-powered models, to larger, more powerful industrial sweepers which will also include dust extraction. 

Floor scrubbers too will make a difference to your office cleanliness as they will both scrub and dry the floor.  For hard flooring, floor buffers will help to dislodge dirt as well as polish the floor. 

Finally, the most obvious bit of cleaning kit you will need is the commercial vacuum cleaner. These come with several different capabilities, including some that will clean carpets and that contain high-powered filters that ensure dust is not emitted from the machine, helping to reduce pathogens in the air. 

Disposable Gloves

A simple product, but one that is important to add to your cleaning supplies list, is disposable gloves. They are key for protecting your office cleaner’s hands when carrying out their job, particularly from dangerous chemicals and helping to avoid cross-contamination during cleaning duties by protecting hands from bacteria.

Harmful bacteria such as salmonella and E. coli can be found on bathroom and kitchen sinks, toilets and other surfaces which can cause nasty illnesses that sometimes can lead to hospital admission. So that’s why it’s so important to wear gloves while cleaning. 

Disposable Wipes

Disposable wipes are convenient for clean and effective surface cleaning. Having disposable wipes on hand can give employees the freedom to wipe down their own desks, keyboards, screens and chairs to keep the office environment as clean as possible.

Hand Sanitiser

For additional protection, hand sanitiser is great for quick disinfection. As well as washing their hands after using the toilet facilities, most staff will find it reassuring to have easy access to a hand sanitiser. Post-Covid-19, we’re all more aware of how germs and viruses spread, and having a hand sanitiser available in your office will lessen staff concerns about picking up nasty bugs.

All-Purpose Cleaner

There are many different cleaning products on the market, so it can be confusing to choose what’s best. Having an all-purpose cleaner in your office can simplify your cleaning routine and lessen the number of products you need to purchase. This will be effective for most cleaning requirements. 

Micro-fibre Cleaning Cloths

One product that has been a game changer in the cleaning industry is Microfiber cloths. This is because it is very good at capturing dirt, dust, and bacteria. The small fibres in the cloth create a larger surface area, allowing them to trap the particles more efficiently. 

When you are aware of and know some of the key products and equipment needed to keep your office clean, it will help you to evaluate how effective your office cleaning routine is. 

Our team would be delighted to help you with your office cleaning needs and there are several office cleaning services we can offer that will help to make your office environment clean, tidy and a healthy and safe space for your employees. Do get in touch with any questions you might have, as we would be pleased to offer our support. 

Finally, we hope you’ve found this article helpful, and it inspires you to revisit your cleaning strategy. A clean and tidy office is beneficial to staff morale, lessens absenteeism and helps with productivity. All in all, it gives a sound business case for an effective cleaning routine. Why not check out our dedicated blog post on maximising productivity with a clean office for even more insights?