Why Your Business Should Have a Scheduled Cleaning Program

Now more than ever business managers want and need to establish a greater competitive edge. Setting your business apart from others in your industry isn’t easy and the scope to do so has narrowed, with greater numbers of market entrants and less opportunity to demonstrate your point of difference. But there are still opportunities to create a business that sets the standard for excellence and shines in a competitive market. 

You might be asking how? We’d like to help and the answer might be simpler and more easily executed than you think.  One area of significant potential that’s often overlooked by businesses is the condition of their office environment. 

Have you ever asked yourself and your team whether it helps to set you up for success? Does it represent your values? Does it demonstrate you are interested in the wellbeing of your employees and does it make it clear how much you value their contribution to your business? Because if you do you are more likely to be seen as a good and trusted supplier by your customers.

If you are looking to enhance your competitive advantage and make your business as successful as you can, it really would be worth your while to implement a scheduled cleaning program. This will enable you to maintain a clean and ordered working environment and help lift your business profitability. 

Below we’ve outlined just some of the reasons why this is so important now. 

Sustainability of a Scheduled Cleaning Programme

A consistent commercial cleaning programme is cost-effective and more sustainable in the long term. By developing an efficient cleaning schedule, businesses will not need to organise a deep cleaning of their offices, which is expensive and use more resources by increasing energy usage and water consumption. 

A scheduled cleaning programme is a much more effective, efficient and sustainable means to keeping your work environment up to scratch and avoiding more expensive solutions. This might even include a need for office closure whilst the work is completed. Dirt and germs won’t have the opportunity to build up and your working environment will be enhanced as a result.

Long-Term Cost Savings

The most successful businesses employ contract cleaning companies because it benefits them to employ specialists. A good cleaning company will develop and put into place a scheduled cleaning program. This can have a significant benefit to your bottom line. Why is that so?

It’s because a scheduled cleaning program will allow you to address any issues with your office quickly which can potentially save you money on repair and replacement costs in the future. It will also keep your office in its best condition, enabling you to protect and maximise your business value. 

Positive Brand Image

First impressions count, especially so with a business. When a potential customer walks into your office, what will they think? Does the condition of your office reflect your company values? 

The cleanliness of your workplace matters. Essentially it is one key way you can communicate what matters to you. 

A well-organised, ordered and clean workspace will help to instil confidence in your customers that you do what you do, well and to a high standard because they will see a clear example of this when they come to visit you. It’s a simple and easy win for any business and speaks volumes about who you are.

Increased Productivity within the Work Space

For your employees, it’s important that they can take pride in their workplace and are happy to be there.

Most people are affected by the environment they work in. Cluttered and messy workstations, overflowing bins and general disorder will always have a negative impact on productivity. 

It’s far easier for your team to concentrate and get on with what they are meant to be doing when the environment around them is clean, well-organised and tidy, so it’s clear productivity levels will increase. 

It also shows that they are valued, because care has been taken with their working conditions, which can only have a positive effect. 

Enhanced Health and Safety 

When you ensure your office is cleaned regularly, germs and other nasties will be kept at bay and will have less opportunity to spread amongst staff. This will impact the number of days your staff take off sick. Fewer days taken as sick leave means a healthier staff and an improvement in their well-being. Your profitability too will be protected and enhanced with your team working effectively and efficiently.

Profits can suffer with greater staff absence with fewer employees able to function well in their roles, and putting a strain on their time as they pick up the work of others who are off sick. 

The business environment can be tough to navigate, however reimplementing a regular cleaning schedule takes the pressure off and improves your working conditions, making it a significant benefit to your business. 

Every business wants to operate at optimal levels to help ensure maximum profits, a healthy and happy staff and a clean and organised office. If you haven’t considered a scheduled cleaning programme yet, contact us and we can help you to get one in place.