Benefits of a Post-Construction Professional Cleaning Service

The mess and dust that remains after construction work can seem overwhelming. No matter how hard you try to keep it to a minimum, the dirt somehow still manages to spread. Coming back into your workplace when a construction project is complete and the offices haven’t been totally cleaned, could possibly demoralise your team. 

Not a great start, nor a good welcome back to employees, especially if there’s an expectation they will do some of the cleaning. Far more effective, safer and kinder to your team, would be to use a professional company trained in post-construction cleans, who have the expertise to bring an office back to life. Everyone will be happier all-round.

After any construction work, nasty contaminants can remain in the air and on surfaces. This will really need a deep clean to help ensure a hygienic and safe working space and usually you’d want to call in the specialists for this. 

No employer wants their workplace to be harmful to the health and safety of their employees – which is why it’s so important to seek professional advice and help. 

Skill in Approaching Construction Debris

Cleaning after construction can be hazardous. The remaining dust can prove to be a health risk, particularly to any employees with a respiratory illness. 

Not wanting to put the building profession down, but there could be rubbish to clear up post-construction that has been left behind. This might include nails and sharp objects, paint tins and other building materials, which, if not handled properly, could be harmful. A professional commercial cleaning company will have the right knowledge and skills needed specifically for this type of work. 

You can also rest assured that any work undertaken will be covered by your cleaning company’s insurance policy so you are protected in case there are any accidents. 

Specialised Cleaning Equipment and Machinery

Cleaning up after a building project can be a messy business. A Professional cleaning company will possess all of the right tools and equipment needed for effective cleaning.

This will include high-quality vacuums with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters. These are highly effective in removing dust particles, pollen, dust mites, and smoke. They are far more effective than their domestic equivalents. A normal vacuum recirculates these particles back into the air. A HEPA-filtered vacuum traps the particles instead.  

Intensive Cleaning for your Office or Commercial Space

It might seem a simple job but a post-construction clean-up is a lot more difficult than one would think. A professional cleaning company is great for thoroughly cleaning in areas you may not be able to navigate. You might not realise all of the walls and ceilings will need to be cleaned as well as all of the cleaning tasks you’d usually conduct. 

But not only that…imagine the scene, you’ve invested significantly in the fabric of your office and someone dusts without realising there’s construction grit on the surface. This leaves a lovely big scratch. It takes a lot of time effort and the right cleaning products to do the job well. Anyone who tackles this sort of work needs to be well-trained and with the skills required to avoid damaging and scratching surfaces when removing debris and any hazardous waste that might be left by the construction company.

It’s good to know too that any professional cleaner will know how to handle and store cleaning products correctly and will be kitted out in all of the correct protective clothing.  

Saving Cost and Time

One of the most significant roles post-construction cleaning plays is in the health and safety of your workplace. Not least improving indoor air quality. There’s a highly technical aspect to this involving proper ventilation and air filtration to help reduce the concentration of the Volatile Organic Compounds that are released in the building process. This will make your office environment safer and will improve air quality, helping with productivity. 

A professional cleaning company will get the job done quickly and thoroughly than if you were to do it yourself, they also have the experience and the staff to do it properly. Their experts can work quickly and efficiently with the right equipment and knowledge to get the best possible results.

Finally, with their post-construction cleaning schedule, you can be assured that they will not only remove debris and dust from every nook and cranny but will also improve indoor air quality with the deep level of cleaning that’s required. Your office will be left looking and feeling brand new. 

If you need any support for a post-construction clean or have any questions as to what it might involve please contact our experts here.