Request a holiday

To make a holiday request, please fill in the form below. Please ensure that you have read and understand the conditions before you submit your request.

Important: You must give at least 4 weeks notice BEFORE you wish to take your holiday.
This is a request and you must recieve authorisation from your manager before you go.

You may only book a holiday for 1 FULL WEEK or 2 FULL WEEKS.
Therefore, you have to take a minimum of 1 full week, or a maximum of 2 full weeks.

After 3 months of working for us, you will be entitled to request a holiday, but not before.
Your holiday year begins on the day you started working for us.
You get 4 weeks holiday per year, plus bank holidays.
You earn holiday entitlement each month you work, on a pro rata basis.

If you take more than 2 weeks leave, We cannot hold your job open for you. We will therefore treat this holiday request as your resignation from the company.