Cleaner & Supervisor of the Month Announced

We are pleased to announce that Supervisor of the Month is Jose David Ramirez Cordero.

Cleaning Supervisor at White Stuff

Jose is a great supervisor and cleaner. He is a very hard worker and always willing to help out. When given instructions, he is able to understand and execute while leading the cleaners to ensure every job is done to perfection.


We are pleased to announce that the second Supervisor of the Month is Zenaht Salis Adams

Cleaning Supervisor at Refinery Bankside

Zenaht is an extremly hard worker, who always puts in a lot of effort to get the job done. 


We are pleased to announce that Cleaner of the Month is Regis Aime Folly Akpokli

Cleaner at Good Housekeeping

Regis goes above and beyond and works very hard. Not only this but is always ready to give a helping hand.